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Renting questions –

Can I see the home inside? Schedule an appointment?
Yes, your sure can. However, the website is designed to help give you enough information on the home, what it looks like and the condition. It is very important that you go by, check out the neighborhood and location to make sure that this is the right home for you. In many cases, we place a walk through YouTube video of the home up give you an idea what the homes is like. In order to make sure that you are serious though, we ask that you apply. Once you do apply, you can typically use the application on any of the homes we offer.

Section 8 / Voucher programs –
All applications are encouraged!  

Approval concerns –
We do NOT just use credit as a method of approval. We look at the rental history. Typically, we look for 3 times the rent in income.  Income is typically not a factor with section 8, or other voucher programs.

Security deposits –
These vary by property and by your application. They depend on your qualification and individual property. Each house may be little different, but we do our best to make it work for everyone. Some homes offer no deposit at all.

Rent payments –
We try to make paying rent as easy as possible. You can always mail it in. We can also provide a deposit ticket to take to a nearby bank. The easiest way is online. You can usually pay with a checking account or credit card. If you would like, we are always happy to stop by as well.

Lease with option/help buying -
A lease with an option may be available. Most homes are only offered for rental, and not for sale though. If you wish to make an offer, you may do so.  If you want some advice on how to help get yourself in the best position financially to buy so that you can get the best deals, send a request.  We can refer you to someone that can help.

Tenant portal -  

You can see our record of your rental history, paperwork copies, and make any repair requests.  You can also pay rent as well. Cash payments can be made as well through - 

Pets -

Pets typically must be pre-approved on a property by property basis. Pets typically are charged $50 per month, per pet, if pets are acceptable to that particular property.  

Do I qualify? -

We go on the affordability for an application. If you can afford the unit, then typically yes.  Those with recent eviction or criminal histories would typically not qualify.  You are encouraged to apply or to ask the assigned property manager about any details or questions. 

Maintenance and repair - 

You can request specific repairs and maintenance items 3 ways -

1. Through the portal.

2. By contacting the office 24/7 @ 443-364-8557 or sending an email request to

3 By calling the assigned property manager and discussing your concerns.

Keep in mind that your lease may require a co-payment as additional rent for service calls on a case-by-case basis.  Keep in mind that there may be an additional fee for after hours, holiday and weekend service calls. 


Bugs / Pest serivce - 

Bug and pest services can be arranged direclty with our vendor and the tenant at ant time. The cost of this woudl depend on yoru lease, but ist typically included. If you need any bug supplies - fogger, sprays, traps, etc. Just let us know. 

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